The Middle Passage Festival

The Middle Passage was the journey on which millions of African men, women and children were taken by force in conditions of unimaginable horror across the Atlantic Ocean to be sold as slaves. It was a trade route and it was a genocide.

The Middle Passage Festival is a commemoration of those who died as well as a celebration of those who survived and the invisible treasure they carried with them, more valuable than sugar, silver or gold: their culture. The Middle Passage Festival celebrates the art, music and culture of the entire African diaspora, explores its roots and acknowledges its history. 

— The Festival is currently on hold due to the Covid Pandemic —



El mundo

La Vanguardia


Betevé ‘Àrtic’ 

RTVE ‘Mediterráneo’

RTVE ‘Territori Clandestí’

RTVE ‘El Gran Quilombo’ 

El National 


We Be Spirits & The Middle Passage Festival supports the International Decade for People of African Descent.