ABC African Instruments is an illustrated alphabet book showcasing a variety of musical instruments from the African continent. It is the first book of its kind laying out a basic introduction to the historically rich culture of African music.

A mixture of 26 beautifully-illustrated instruments are presented, one instrument per letter, from the Adungu – a percussive string instrument from Uganda, the Kora – a well-known string instrument from West Africa, to the Vuvuzela – a popular horn from South Africa, to make up this informative children’s reference book. It provides a practical key to each illustration explaining which musical family the instrument belongs to, a map showing its origin, and what materials are used in its construction. Additionally, there are two ‘fact bubbles’ giving more context to each instrument.

ABC African Instruments is aimed at children between the ages of 4 to 9 years old. This book will reinforce their ABCs as they learn the names of the featured instruments, and grasp how they are played. They will learn basic facts about the instrument, enhance their geographical knowledge of the region, and simultaneously enjoy the captivating and vibrant vector-style illustrations.

Adults and children alike will love the visual and cultural richness of this alphabetical tour through Africa’s musical instruments.



Jouk is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, street artist and documentary photographer born in Barcelona, Spain. He has lived and worked around the world for international companies and other professionals such as the Cirque du Soleil, IMC Toys, Ferran Adrià and The New York Times Magazine among others. His artwork has been awarded and published in several books and magazines.

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