Photos: Margaret Step

The dog shitter

The cat licker

The bag snatcher

The coin catcher

The day fighter

The midnighter

The real skaters

The skate haters

The MACBA gazers

The girri phrases

The hipster stalkers

The hipster walkers

The pipe pokers

The dope smokers

The drug pushers

The needle knowers

The sex buyers

The sex suppliers

The metal catsters

The absinthe wacksters

The boqueriers

The all-seers

The can drinkers

The cocktail clinkers

The photo-taker

The art maker

The flea sprayer

The market player

The no-homers

The flat owners

The history makers

The herstory takers

The lost soulers

The found strollers

The fast foodsters

The old-time shrewdsters

The night screamers

The daytime dreamers

The butan callers

The Wu Tang drawlers

The La Palomers

The Tres Tomb loners

The street Ramblers

The life gamblers

The graffiti scene-ers

The graffiti cleaners

The Asian foodsters

The abuelo dudesters

The Tallat caffeiners

The Barrio Chiners

Emma Dowuona-Hammond (2017)


Margaret Step website

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