African music, though very old, is always being rediscovered in the West.

-Miriam Makeba


Africa has a unique life story, be it passive – for example millions of humans shipped far away to build a ‘new world’, or active – for example the contributions of the great ancient empires of West Africa, for she gave birth to the very civilisation that has often overlooked and mistreated her. Nonetheless she lives in the knowledge that she still has much to teach it.

We Be Spirits is a tribute to the far-reaching musical spirit of Africa. It is an organic project that aims to better understand the connections found in musical culture across the African Diaspora.  It is a project that aims to deliver content, explore culture and celebrate music, and provides production, music and content services.


…theirs is one of the great migration styles in the history of the planet.

–  Robert Farris Thompson.



Emma Dowuona-Hammond

I am no musicologist but my love for music, and the knowledge that it has saved me many times over – as is the same for many of you I’m sure – has brought me here.

I was born in London to Ghanaian and Finnish parents. Although always deeply connected to music, it wasn’t until the early 90s attending the many novel club nights on offer in London including AWOL, Speed at the Mars Bar, Rotation at Subterranea and That’s How It Is at Bar Rumba, that my eternal quest for great music truly began.

After moving to Barcelona in 2009 I became immersed in the local and international jazz scene which further-opened my eyes to the history of modern Western music. This in turn led me down a more personal path – taking a deeper look at the roots of black music.

In 2018 I published ABC African Instruments, the first in a series of children’s books about world music. Click here to read an article I wrote on West African music for África No Es un País, part of Spain’s premier newspaper El Paísand check out one of my sets on Barcelona’s progressive diverse Radio C/C

In collaboration with Guzzo, We Be Spirits celebrated the first edition of The Middle Passage Festival in Barcelona, September 2019. Watch out for more in 2020!!


contact: emma@webespirits.com